Monday, July 04, 2011

Quicksynergy autostart Ubuntu

Starting quicksynergy in Ubuntu is actually really easy. If you do a "ps aux" after you have quicksynergy configured and running you will see something like
/usr/bin/synergys -f --config .quicksynergy/synergy.conf

All you need to do is add this to your "Startup Applications"
System Settings -> Startup Applications -> Add
Name: Synergy
Command: /usr/bin/synergys -f --config .quicksynergy/synergy.conf
Add->Close->Log out and log back in.



Stephen Kestle said...

Thanks! I've updated with this information.

Saif Aqqad said...

Thank You
Although i had to run "ps aux" and check for my command, which was
"/usr/bin/synergyc -f --name Ubuntu"
Ubuntu is the client screen name is the server's IP Address