Friday, February 26, 2010

Hylafax 6.0 Debian Lenny T38modem 1.2.0 Asterisk 1.6

After fighting with t38modem for a week I finally found versions of opal and ptlib that work with t38modem 1.2 for sending faxes (have not tested receiving yet). ptlib-2.6.6 opal-3.6.7 t38modem-1.2.0 I am using most of the other instructions from this how to below. Hylafax 6.0 Debian (or Ubuntu) T38modem 1.0 Asterisk 1.6


tom said...

Hi Justin,

where can get exactly this version get downloaded, when the url downloads only via cvs?


Justin Hamade said...

You have to use cvs, its pretty easy.