Monday, February 05, 2007

Linux still not a good desktop

So I figured I would bite the bullet and give Kubuntu another go as my desktop. The install was easy, it supported all my hardware out of the box and I was happy. I even spent a bunch of time getting Beryl to work and that was sweet, but then the bugs started. A list of tasks I needed to be able to accoplish
  • I wanted to connect to Exchange and Evolution is pretty good at that now.
  • I can get to the file server at work fine, but I can't open anything in openoffice directly, ouch.
  • Firefox locked up and crashed many times.
  • Wireless configuration is painful for a roaming laptop.
  • Dual monitors are a must but getting xorg to work with both, good luck.
The more I tried to do the harder it got and the more buggy. Will Linux ever be stable enough or be able to exist in a Windows network, not for a while. *UPDATE: I have switched to Ubuntu and gnome, much better experience, I don't care what Linus says LOL. Anyway, there are still a lot of bugs. What will make it better: -Better and faster drivers from hardware vendors -More OSS developers to help with apps so they are tested and stable before release -Corporate support, money talks.

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