Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Asterisk Developers Kit

I received a marketing email from Digium yesterday found here. For anyone that does asterisk hacking, or uses it as a product, the asterisk developers kit looks like a very worth while investment. To summarize it:
  • An Asterisk Appliance with 64MB RAM, 8MB on board flash, 5 Ethernet ports (4 LAN, WAN), Craft (serial) port, support for 8 analog (FXS/FXO) ports, Universal power supply.

  • Quad FXS analog card and Quad FXO analog card

  • Multi-media add-on flash cards

  • Cables for all supported port types

  • Polycom (TM) IP-430 SIP Phone

  • CD with software

  • Documentation and specifications

  • How to manuals

  • Access to the Digium AADK Wiki

And there are 3 packages:
  • AADK Professional Bundle - for the asterisk hackers
  • AADK Administrator Bundle - if you want some support and trainning
  • AADK Standard - if you are cheap

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